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Company*Consulting Cost**Free Lifetime Support?***Price per Student per Day****Number of Days*****
Objective Experiments Unlimited Projects for 1 Year IncludedYes$6003
Our CompetitonEstimated $2500/projectNo$425 ‐ $6504

*Only Objective Experiments offers you a choice of software packages.

**Only Objective Experiments includes consulting for one full year—an $80-$300 per hour value.

***Only Objective Experiments answers questions about anything you've learned free for life.

****Competitor's prices subject to change without notice.

*****Number of days to cover the material in "Performing Objective Experiments"

Workshop Prices

On-site Workshop Prices

Prices per student for workshops (excluding software and travel expenses) when hosted at your site are as follows:
Note: The minimum number of students is 10

Price per Student
Design of Experiments
Performing Objective Experiments (3 days)
Objective Chemical Experiments (4 days)
Reliability and Life
Objective Reliability Analysis (2 days)
Measurement System Analysis
Practical Measurement System Analysis (EMP) (2 days)
Practical Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R) (2 days)
Background Fundamentals
Basic Statistics for Industry (1 day)
Statistical Process Control (1 day)
Practical Data Modeling (1 day)
Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists (4 days)
Advanced Topics
Objective Experiments for Mixtures and Discrete Factors (2 days)
Design of Experiments for Non-Normal Data (2 days)
Creating Custom Experiment Designs (2 days)
Advanced Measurement System Analysis (2 days)
Setting Objective Specifications (2 days)
The Math of DOE (2 days)
The Math of Reliability (2 days)

Small Workshop Price

Prices for workshops with fewer than 10 students are as follows:

Performing Objective Experiments (DOE) (3 days)
$15,000 plus expenses
Objective Chemical Experiments (DOE) (4 days)
$20,000 plus expenses


NOTE: Only Objective Experiments has been teaching people to use I-Optimal Designs—the most efficient designs mathematically possible—since 1998.

Only Objective Experiments answers your questions about what you have learned FREE FOR LIFE!

We can teach using your choice of JMP or Minitab.

You learn practical, objective experimentation using the 5-step problem solving approach.