Our Team

Bill Kappele

William Kappele
President, CEO, Instructor, Consultant, and Coach

"You may have heard the saying, 'Teach a man to fish and you feed him all his life.' I love teaching people to fish!"

Bill Kappele founded Objective Experiments (then ObDOE) in 1998. As our lead instructor, Bill develops our workshops and supplementary software, and answers technical questions. He also provides consultation services to our clients.

Bill is a chemist with extensive experience in DOE, both as a researcher and teacher. He first encountered DOE at the beginning of his career at Hewlett‐Packard, where he was responsible for the design and development of dye‐based thermal inkjet inks. He earned numerous U.S. patents for his work. At Hach, Bill developed simplified chemical analyses for water and wastewater treatment.

From Hach, Bill went on to Lexmark International, where he invented the first lightfast black ink for their inkjet printers. He then joined DOE pioneer Dave Doehlert at The Experiment Strategies Foundation, where Bill began to teach DOE to scientists and engineers.

A lifelong learner and born teacher, Bill has seen the powerful advantage that DOE training has given each of his students, from chemists and engineers who convert theories into real‐life products, to researchers who no longer rely on luck to produce results on time and within budget.

Bill draws on his depth of experience for real‐life examples to bring context to complex concepts

Beth Heffernan

Beth Heffernan
Vice President of Operations, CFO

"My goal is to share the many benefits of Objective Experiments with our clients."

Beth Heffernan holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. She began her career at Acurex Corporation, and then moved on to Hewlett‐Packard, where she was on the team responsible for developing the ink production process and other components of the inkjet pen. She holds patents for two processes used in the inkjet pen production. Beth has used DOE extensively in the development of these products.

Steve Czupryna

Steve Czupryna
Instructor, Consultant, Coach

The following ancient quote says it all for me: "If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people." It is my goal to help customers prosper in competitive markets by educating people in DOE, MSA and Reliability.

Steve has more than 25 years hands‐on manufacturing, quality control and technical sales experience in the fiber optic & energy cable, heavy truck and technical rope industries. This experience includes 15 years working overseas and endless satisfying hours working with shop floor personnel on the improvement of complex industrial processes. Steve is a lifelong learner with a B.S. degree in Economics from Central Connecticut State University, an A.S. degree in Laser Electro‐Optics from Springfield Technical Community College, a Six Sigma Green Belt from Newman University and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from the Pyzdek Institute. His diverse business & technical background provides a robust foundation for process improvement and problem-solving work.

Robin Baskette

Robin Baskette
Instructor, Consultant, Coach

" I believe DOE is the best tool for scientists and engineers to maximize positive results. I enjoy my work because it combines teaching and a technical environment, and I get to help scientists and engineers tackle their problems."

Robin Baskette holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Purdue University and a master's degree in math education from Eastern Kentucky University. Robin used DOE in her work at Lexmark International, developing inks and adhesives for inkjet printer cartridges. She also taught math for several years. Robin is also the founder and owner of "The Final Proof"

Michael Jones

Michael Jones

" As an economist, I recommend using DOE as a significant tool for firms and researchers to achieve more efficient results. It allows us to obtain the maximum information with the minimal use of time and capital—two of our most important resources."

Michael Jones is an economist, focusing on the economics of energy policy and microeconomics. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech and Clemson University. His passion for teaching was honed at both Clemson and the University of Kentucky.

Our Consultants

Steve Czupryna

Steve Czupryna,
Process Engineering Consultant

"I appreciate the chance to work with Objective Experiments because I am passionate about using Statistical Thinking and Lean Principles to help companies in the manufacturing, service and healthcare industries."

Steve has more than 20 years hands‐on manufacturing and quality control experience in the cable, non-woven fabric and other industries. This work experience includes 15 years working overseas. He's a lifelong learner with a B.S. degree in Economics from Central Connecticut State University, an A.S. degree in Laser Electro‐Optics from Springfield Technical Community College, a Six Sigma Green Belt from Newman University and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from the Pyzdek Institute. He has extensive hands-on experience with lean implementation, small and large scale Six Sigma project management, MSA, SPC and DOE and thus brings a well balanced background to bear on process improvement and problem-solving work.

Charles Whitman

Dr. Charles Whitman
Design of Experiments and Reliability Consultant

" I believe clients need to know how long their parts will last, so I utilize DOE and Reliability procedures to estimate product life. By using a variety of statistical procedures, lab results are translated into a predicted range of product life."

Dr. Charlie Whitman holds a master's in statistics from the University of Kentucky and a PhD in materials science from Northwestern University. His 20 years of experience includes working as a device reliability engineer for Lexmark International and Lucent/Agere Systems, and his current role at RFMD as a staff reliability engineer in the wafer fabrication facility.