Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists

Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists is a workshop for scientists, chemists, and engineers. It focuses on writing quantitative research reports.

Benefits of the Workshop

  • You will learn skills that can make you a top performer.

  • You will gain the knowledge you need to communicate your work effectively to your management and the world at large.

  • You will learn techniques to help you produce clear, concise research reports.

  • You will learn to report your results in a professional manner that will impress your management and customers.

  • You will develop greater pride and confidence in your work.

In 4 days you will learn

  • The difference between writing and editing.

  • The steps in writing a research report and the best order to follow.

  • How to present data graphically.

  • How to edit your work.

  • How to measure the clarity of your writing.

This is What Happens During the Training

  • You will write a real research report on work you have performed. The exercises will help you write your report.

  • You will learn present your data graphically to make it more accessible to a wide audience.

  • You will edit your research report. The exercises will guide you.

  • You will leave class with a completed report.