Objective Experiments Certification Program

Prove yourself!

Upon completion of the requirements you will receive a certificate commemorating and proving your accomplishment, signed by Bill Kappele and an appropriate manager at your company, with the following words:

"Let it be known that [your name] is a Certified Design of Experiments (or "Measurement System Analysis," or "Reliability Analysis") Problem Solver, having both successfully completed the workshop [your workshop] and demonstrated competency in [your skill] by completing a project at [your company]."

This is how you can be certified:

  1. Attend the appropriate workshop, Performing Objective Experiments, Objective Chemical Experiments, Practical Measurement System Analysis, or Objective Reliability Analysis.
  2. Apply Design Of Experiments successfully in a project (Note: "Successfully" means you used all 5 steps of the process.)
  3. Report the results of the project in one or more of these ways:
    1. Present your results at a JMP Users' Group meeting and provide Objective Experiments with a copy of the presentation.
    2. Present your results at a public or internal conference or meeting and provide Objective Experiments with a copy of the presentation.
    3. Provide Objective Experiments with a copy of your raw data and any reports written about your project and discuss the results with Bill Kappele.
  4. The presentation or report must include the following in writing:
    1. The goal
    2. The strategy used (i.e. your model)
    3. The plan (i.e. experiment design)
    4. How the plan was implemented (your analysis and tests)
    5. How you celebrated your progress

Certification is Free for all Objective Experiments Students!

If you've already taken one of our workshops, the only thing standing between you and certification is applying what you've learned. Remember, you can ask questions for free about what you've learned for life, and you have access to full consulting at no extra charge for one year.

If you haven't already taken one of our workshops, you can still be certified in an area you're qualified for. The price for certification is $2800 plus $300 per hour for consulting.

Get Your Certification!

Give us a call at (866) 683-6173 and we'll be happy to help you get your certification.