Sidekick does the grunt work so you can be the hero. Available for JMP®, Sidekick reduces your software steps and streamlines your analysis.

Objective Experiments Instant Calculators

Our Instant Calculators provide features that may be missing from your software. They help you perform important tasks like experiment preparation and data analysis.

Gage Performance Curves

Gage Performance Curves are a great visual tool for presenting the results of your Measurement System Analysis. They are not included in statistical software packages.


Use these tables when you're away from your software or books.

Design of Experiments Flow Chart

Use this flow chart to help you navigate the 5 step process for Design of Experiments.

Glossary of Statistics Terms

Salvage Your Data

If you've collected a large amount of data without a designed experiment, it may still not be enough to tell you what you need to know. Don't waste it—call us at 888‐764‐3958 to find out how to turn your data into a successful experiment.

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