DOE R&D Application

This month we spoke with Jason Wiggins from US Synthetic. Like our previous interviewees, Jason had only positive things to say about his company's willingness to embrace DOE.

"It's become cultural in our company, probably quicker than some others."

US Synthetic's open-minded problem solving culture has led to a chain of fantastic successes. One such success was a series of Designed Experiments and Measurement System Analyses for the development of an industry recognized destructive test. The test was used by US Synthetic to develop polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDC) for oil and gas drilling. Tools like Design of Experiments and Measurement Systems Analysis helped the company become the market leader for PDC and earn the Shingo Prize for Lean Manufacturing in 2011.

"DOE is the most efficient method out there," Jason said, with the caveat that users should be comfortable compromising and making trade-offs to fit their particular budgets. "I use it pretty much exclusively."

Jason has been described as a "Make It Happen Person" by Objective Experiments President Bill Kappele, and his advice for new or aspiring DOE users fit that description:

"Don't be afraid to struggle. I've learned the most from circumstances that don't fit the mold."