What Our Customers have to say
about Our DOE Training

"Easily the most valuable class I've taken in 28 years at Phillips 66."

George Schuette, Phillips 66


"[I liked] the use of "real-life" examples to help illustrate the effects of using DOE. I also think that [the instructor] did a great job of sharing personal experiences of how DOE has been beneficial in industry."

Scott Carlson, Hill Air Force Base


"The challenge of the lab problems reflected problems we see in the real world. Lab simulation was very helpful -- much better than other courses I've taken."

Eric Gutierrez, St. Jude Medical


"The Performing Objective Experiments classes are extremely valuable and have more than paid for themselves at our company."

Lou Veiga, Lexmark International


"I liked the personal touch of the instructor and the ability to use the instructor as a resource in the future."

Greg Howard, Procter & Gamble


"Great material. Examples covered provide a good understanding of the concepts. Instructor was very approachable and helpful."

Reena Chanpura, Halliburton


"The workshop was clear, well communicated, and applied examples taken from industry. This is the 4th DOE class I have taken and it is easily the best."

Dave Dianetti, Greatbatch Medical


"Great class, good instructor, learned a lot. Really enjoyed the experience and was thoroughly challenged and stimulated."

David Page, Abbott Laboratories


"I was amazed by the reduction in the number of experiments that can be achieved."

Amit Palkar, Phillips 66


"Technology has changed at such a rapid pace; so have the challenges in the way we collect and analyze data. On many occasions, I've asked Bill to depart from the traditional DOE methods to tailor hybrid designs (outside of Gosset designs) involving the analytical resolution of cubic/quadric designs for key factors, but within the same DOE, limit the total runs by using quadratic designs on less important factors. Bill is a great resource and help at all levels."

Dr. Graham Yelton, Sandia National Laboratories


I gained more practical knowledge in 5 days with Bill than I did in a semester long industrial statistics course.

Jason Wiggins, US Synthetic


"I appreciated the fact that [Bill] understood the material so completely, yet [he was] able to present the material in a practical and applicable manner."

John Urlaub, Kimberly Clark


"The course was fantastic! How do I know? Every student, without failure, sang your praises loudly."

Brian Nola, Tyndall Air Force Base


"Always referring to practical use. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Very knowledgeable and clear presentation. I liked it very much!"

Dr. Uwe Wienstroth, Railroad Friction Products


"I feel I can go in my office tomorrow and apply most everything to my experiments. I am really quite excited about doing less work and getting better results."

Brian Bivins, Lexmark International


"I now have an intelligent way to approach problems without hunting and pecking."

Jeannette Ward, DSM Desotech


"I learned how to APPLY DOE."

David Tattershall, Lexmark International


"The speed of this course was just right. The amount and depth of the material was just right. I feel like I am leaving with an extremely powerful and useful tool that I will be able to use my entire scientific life. Thanks."

Aaron Shurtliff, Chemithon Corp.


" I really enjoyed the way that Bill (the instructor) used his experience...to help us feel like he really understood what we go through."

Andrea Breitenbach, Procter & Gamble


"I have taken several statistics/experimental design courses at undergraduate and graduate levels, but I really didn't understand the application of the math until this course."

Doug Stark, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division


" Working in teams of two was great. It was good for collaboration but small enough not to be distracting. (Instructor) is a great teacher, very engaging and interesting and extremely approachable."

Joe Lehnes, Greatbatch Medical


" I attended the (basic) design of experiments 3 day class and learned how to design tests and use Minitab statistical software. Excellent instructor and invaluable tools. Highly recommended. "

Scott North, Barlean's Organic Oils