Robert W. Johnson: In Memorial

Bob Johnson

Bob Johnson won his battles with a failing heart until April 5, 2016. He died at home in Elgin, IL, where he resided with his wife Joanne.

Bob held a BS in Chemistry, both a MS and a PhD in Metallurgy, and a MS in Statistics. He was a Philosopher-Scientist who understood what he studied on a very deep level. He performed Industrial Research for over 50 years.

Bob was one of my dearest friends. He taught me Philosophy, Science, and many keys to living a good life. Bob was the first person to show me how to evaluate and compare Experiment Designs graphically.

Bob was the most cheerful, positive man I have ever known. He taught me the value of cheerfulness. He was cheerful until the very end. He loved the life he lived and shared his enthusiasm for life with everyone he met.

Bob believed very strongly in a Spiritual World. He believed that death is a trasition from life in a physical body to one in a spiritual body. I've no doubt that Bob will be cheerful and optimistic in his Spiritual Life, and bring enthusiasm to all those who know him.

Rest in peace, Bob. May your soul be enveloped in joy.
Bill Kappele